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Rosita or also known as Rosie is the mother to eight other dogs that were surrendered to the shelter to be euthanized. Luckily someone was at the shelter and heard what was happening and stepped up to save them all even though the younger ones are be...read more about Rosita
Oscar is very sweet and loves to give lots of kisses like his brother Hoots! Oscar weighs 35 pounds.Oscar is a beautiful black and gold brindle like his mother. He loves to run and play and just enjoys life! He enjoys spending time with his human as...read more about Oscar
 Ernie was a little shy boy in the beginning but has learned to trust and gained so much confidence since going to his foster home. He is doing very well  and has come out of his shell quite a bit and he will be your lap buddy in no time at...read more about Ernie
We believe Elmo might just have some Boxer mix in him. He was a bit timid in the beginning too but he has come around to trusting us at his foster home. He loves racing his brother Ernie when tossing toys, especially balls and knotted ropes and playi...read more about Elmo

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